Friday, April 2, 2010

Nut milks and Raw Food book

Just to round off Meghan's prize draw, she was super-kind enough to reward everybody who participated (incl. moi!) with a download version of her most recent guide, the 5 days healing with everyday superfoods tutorial. It is not really a five-day challenge in the spirit of her low-glycemic or smoothie cleanse challenges, it is more like a guide to superfoods, and how to incorporate them into tasty meals on an everyday basis without breaking the bank.

So, I got all that new info to read, plus I picked up a present I got from a family member - actually what I got was a gift certificate when we celebrated my birthday and I made okay/not so great tasting but very festive looking cupcakes - a book in Danish on Raw Food, called..."Raw Food". Although I have a large and growing collection of recipes from all the raw/gluten free ressources on the internet I thought it would be great to have an actual book to leaf through and to inspire me to try new things and I was right: I feel at least one small revolution in my kitchen day-to-day basics coming on already and I have literally just browsed through the book once.... However, I have just had my food-blogger's etiquette refreshed by this debate over at Averie's, so I am of course going to sit tight and not blurt out any secret sauces from the book. Visiting the book's website has to be a must do for those who read Danish since it has not only some of the great pictures to gawk at but also a selection of recipes for convenient PDF download. That's generous! In that spirit I think I can give a hint as to what will be the first recipe from the book that I incorporate into my cooking:

I have been making nutmilks for a little while now and I have been trying out different nuts and mixtures of nuts, and for me it's just all good. Yum. I tried blending the nuts with vanilla too and really liked it, but it kind of limits the use for the pulp afterwards - I'm not making dried tomato flax crackers with vanilla-flavoured almond pulp. And I don't like drinking Rooibosh tea, which they say is really good for you, so there's a minor problem too. Both solved! Soaked nuts + rooibosh tea, that's all I'm saying cause I don't want to reveal any recipes here. Okay, so it's actually really basic, I just wouldn't have thought of it myself that's all. I shopped for some rooibosh, and I'm looking forward to lightbrown, rooibosh-flavoured nutmilk on my cereal.

I bought the book here, all the recipes look and sound delish and they seem to range from totally uncomplicated to slightly challenging. This is my first raw food book, so that level is fine by me - what I want is some inspiration, some everyday basics and a bit of fancier stuff for special occasions, and it seems to have all that AND of course the fancy pictures and great layout which is always a plus by me.

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