*August 2010 update: the above is still very much true, but I am now experimenting with the Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD) in response to some difficulties I've had this year/summer. On why and how I came to try the SCD, and for more about me & my sore tummy, please see posts tagged "which diet works". This has caused my focus to shift a bit from "raw food", but I still try to experiment with and incorporate as much raw food as possible in the periods when my tummy-troubles are laying low. 

I was born '82 and I live in Copenhagen, Denmark. I was diagnosed with celiac disease around christmas '08 after five years of varying degrees of illness. My blood tests for celiac disease were never "positive", but I had a test showing massive lactose intolerance and a biopsy showing possible celiac disease.
Going gluten free gave me my health and energy back and I am living very strictly gluten free, as I continue to have a very strong reaction to gluten. I have found that I also react to GF oats, millet, quinoa and corn.
The recipes I try are mostly raw and gluten free, but because I am strictly GF it is sometimes necessary to "tweak" recipes, and I try to give all the information on that as well.