Friday, April 30, 2010

Mighty Raw Cupcake!

Continued from this post: Ellen is in Raw Cupcake Heaven! Okay, in all fairness I only (un)baked one raw cupcake, but since I have the chance to draw as many as I like I doubled the amount - also, I don't have fancy polka-dotted cups for the cakes, I invented those too. I didn't use icing this time - was inspired by Hayden's cupcake and went for a Larabar base with raw cashew ice cream om top. For more pics of raw goodies check out Shannon Marie's birthday post.


  1. Hey lady, hope you're feeling better after your glutening. Poor you, it sucks doesn't it. My stomach's still not quite right.

    Y'know, I desperately want to try those raw cupcakes!!! They look so good. Which recipes would you recommend?