Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Oooh! Where can I get these?

I have just been reading this post over at Rawdorable and I went straight from being fine and happy with the health food choices around here to feeling downright deprived!
We haven't HALF the variety of Larabars where I live. I'm pining for info if anyone has it: do these interesting varieties (and the pack with the minis!!!) ship from anywhere in Europe, maybe some UK internet shop? Or is it US only? As if it didn't enduce enough shopping envy when Averie posts her "wall of..." pics, like the wall of nutbutters in this post. Sigh. I guess I'll manage ;-).


  1. thanks for the compliments re my fitness adventures and're a sweetheart and of course the linkage in your post is nice.
    I do indeed need to try gingerbread laras but my own G'Bread Balls in my Ball Recipes are pretty good so i havent ventured off those :)

  2. I get Larabars for convenience, but they taste even better when you make them yourself. Just process some dates and/or other dried fruit with the nuts of your choice in a food processor. Then, shape into bars or even cupcakes.