Sunday, April 25, 2010

Something in The Middle of Something

I was making a post about some raw chocolate chip cookies and chocolate ice cream (double chocolate, yeah!) when I realised I forgot to note where I got the recipe for the cookies and wasn't able to backtrack to the place again...I know where I got the ice cream recipe, but that's my first and only raw food recipe book, so I can't even post that - guess the purpose of that post kind of petered out. I'm all fired up about the ice cream though, so there's definitely a post-worthy topic for later...

And Dark Matter? Black tahini. I've been ladling my no-salt tahini into medjool dates and couldn't seem to find anything but salted tahini once I ran out - which works in dates too, by the way, of course I tried - so when I came across Black Tahini at The Daily Raw Cafe, I had to try it. I found black sesame seeds in a Chinese shop, used a bit of rice bran oil to get the food processor going, and it does really get you completely black tahini. It looks a lot like black caviar but obviously tastes a lot different - kind of earthy, smoky, and maybe not something everybody likes. It works great for me in or beside a salad, in raw cracker sandwiches and - of course :-) - in dates.

All in the middle of that I got glutened and in my anguish I thought I had to share so I started a new post on getting glutened. Really, the lowdown is that I changed brand of buckwheat flakes for my breakfast cookies. Not safe - the brand is Danish, so if anyone is interested in gluten-safe shopping in Denmark, write me and I'll share :-).

Now something ELSE popped up. I'm realising that Shannon Marie's birthday is coming up tomorrow - still can't get the hang of the time zones, is her birthday already over? And I'm shoving things aside to try and make another cupcake (my third - judging by the two first their beauty increases exponentially so I can't wait). Shannon's recipes are great and I love being able to support her quest to get a raw cupcake to Ellen Degeneres - plus, can't really think of anything I'd rather draw than cupcakes?

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