Wednesday, March 31, 2010


In my last post I linked to Meghan Telpners blog and homepage, and it seems now I have a chance to do it again and win one of Mehan's great e-tutorials! I already purchased a bundle of her e-tutorials, namely the green smoothie cleanse, the adrenaline lunch tutorial and the 5 days low glycemic eating, all available in Meghan's shop. During 5-day tutorials or challenges Meghan talks participants through health benefits, pitfalls and effects of your tutorial on her blog, which you can of course read anyway, but you get more fun and more info out of buying the e-tutorial as well - which is easy. If don't win a freebie I will definitely get the tutorial anyway - check out the recipe for superfood bon bons - who doesn't need more recipes like this?

So here goes, Meghan says to include this link for the new tutorial in my post to participate, and it is hereby done. If you are AT ALL interested in nutrition, superfoods, improving your health or healing yourself by eating right, please go and check out all about Meghan, her story and the group challenges that she runs on her blog. This page is all about the new 60+ pages tutorial available for sale on first of April.


  1. Just came over from Making Love in the Kitchen and wanted to say I really like your blog - and your art !

  2. Thanks Jill - just checked out your blogs and I might have a go at one or two of your recipes, I'll drop you a comment about it if I do. And here's fingers crossed for us in Meghan's prize draw :-)

  3. hi anne, thanks for stopping by...
    i enter about 20 giveaways a week, I like to show support for other bloggers and their contests as I am usually running one and they support me. and in the process, I do actually win things :)