Wednesday, March 31, 2010


In my last post I linked to Meghan Telpners blog and homepage, and it seems now I have a chance to do it again and win one of Mehan's great e-tutorials! I already purchased a bundle of her e-tutorials, namely the green smoothie cleanse, the adrenaline lunch tutorial and the 5 days low glycemic eating, all available in Meghan's shop. During 5-day tutorials or challenges Meghan talks participants through health benefits, pitfalls and effects of your tutorial on her blog, which you can of course read anyway, but you get more fun and more info out of buying the e-tutorial as well - which is easy. If don't win a freebie I will definitely get the tutorial anyway - check out the recipe for superfood bon bons - who doesn't need more recipes like this?

So here goes, Meghan says to include this link for the new tutorial in my post to participate, and it is hereby done. If you are AT ALL interested in nutrition, superfoods, improving your health or healing yourself by eating right, please go and check out all about Meghan, her story and the group challenges that she runs on her blog. This page is all about the new 60+ pages tutorial available for sale on first of April.

First strawberries - and the last.

I have been browsing through the pictures of every recipe at foodgawker tagged "raw". It took me a couple of days, seriously. Only a fraction are actually raw recipes, but oh, my, the eye candy. I felt goofy spending hours peeking at other people's food, but I realise, this website wasn't made for me. It was made for me AND all the other people out there who will sit around gawking at pictures of food if unsupervised, so I guess I'm not – at all – alone. However – and I'm sure there's a good explanation for this – an unreasonable number of the recipes use fresh strawberries. Massive craving ensued. I picked up the – for me – first batch of strawberries of the season. 500 g of fresh, imported, Spanish strawberries, not organic or eco friendly in the least. I ate every last one - big, red and really sweet. I snapped a picture of the last one which became the drawing above. Mmmm.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Raw asparagus, and buying Tempeh in Copenhagen

I made a bloomin' brilliant - and easy! - raw asaparagus soup last night from this beatiful recipe - I added a half an avocado to the mix because we had a mis-communication the other day about who was buying avocados and we got ourselves pretty well over-stocked up on those things. Also, I toasted some almonds without skins in a sip of olive oil and some turmeric, which turned out to be just the thing to drizzle on top with finely diced red onion. Boyfriend looked queasy when he first tasted it, but claimed he liked it after a couple of spoonfuls. I adored it. The recipe is from Jasmine's Recipe Box - which doesn't get updated any more I think but the recipes there are very neatly labeled with a "yes" or "no" for lots of food intolerances. Bliss.

Another site with the same level of service towards special-diet recipe readers but without the raw food twist is this one, by Susan Jane Murray, where there is both a recipe index and a blog.

Monday, March 29, 2010

This Is Not (Really) a Cupcake

I made gluten free cupcakes for a family birthday party the other day and dressed them up really good in not-so-gluten-free icing and sugar hearts and other decorations (except mine, of course). Several grown-ups said they liked the cakes okay but they didn't taste like the "real" thing, and some of the kids actually didn't like them - I mean, I wasn't holding back in the sugar and oil and vanilla and good things when I made them so that's not very satisfactory feedback. The thing is, I think it's a question of the tastebuds being in the habit of tasting wheat. I doubt bread made from wheat would taste "right" if I ate it now? But I bet it's a problem a lot of celiacs have when baking for non-celiacs.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Ball recipe and gratitude shout-out

This is a raw ball - a recent staple on my menu. I have celiac disease and I have known about it for about two years, so some time ago when I first encountered the "raw food" idea I wasn't really hooked - I was a little too bogged up in dietary concerns already to consider any more alterations. But a sit turns out now, raw food is s a huge inspiration.