Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Double Chocolate Delight

I have not been able to eat regular types of chocolate since going glutenfree, but chocolate remains a girl's next-best friend (I mean, if you are having trouble getting your hands on some diamonds) so I have of course been experimenting with raw cacao, raw chocolate bars and cacao nibs. All are delicious! But I get quite the sugar rush from eating them, to me they're as addictive as coffee and - like coffee - give me a headache when I stop eating them. Problem. Ok, not exactly a vital one, but still.

Averie over at love veggies and yoga is having a Cuisinart Food Processor give-away and one of her conditions for entering the contest prompted me to look at an "old" post of hers about recipes with oats. I can't eat oats, not even the GF ones, but I spent a couple of minutes drooling over the recipes anyway - after all, recipes are born to be tweaked. I noticed that Averie uses a leftover chocolate bar instead of cacao nibs or -chips in one of her recipes and I remembered having seen a chocolate bar with 99% cacao content somewhere. It's an ordinary, fairly inexpensive "Lindt" chocolate bar from Magasin (for those resident in Denmark curious about where to get it) and I bought one today. I admit it's a taste experience that takes getting used to (on the bar it says that they recommend working your way "up" through the 60, 75, and 85% bars, "refining your palate" before you daringly attempt the 99%) but it's an instant hit with me and I detected hardly any sugar rush at all - maybe it's the cacao butter content? I'm not sure. Could be something I'm imagining ;-). But it is definitely time to try some new recipes with this yummy, new (for me) ingredient.

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