Wednesday, April 14, 2010

No tea, no cuppycakes...

I tried baking a raw cupcake to contribute to Shannon Marie's quest to bring her cupcakes to the attention Ellen Degeneres (plus, these cakes look sooo delish I just have to able to make them so I can EAT them), and I miserably failed. Absolutely nothing to do with the inventive and instructive recipes in Shannon Marie's e-book - I was simply a little over-confident and got a little too bold and...botched it. Good thing about raw recipes, even when they turn out looking like - well, something not-edible - they can still taste great. I have a trick that I gleaned from Shannon's blog as well that might help me next time...

I finished my favorite tea, a blueberry-power tea. That's misery for ya. Anyone thinking about buying great tea in Denmark should consider visiting Teadrops - I am not in any way a tea "gourmand" and I won't turn up my nose at Lipton fruit teas or any standard earl grey, but I mostly drink herbal or green teas at home. Sometimes I like to splurge and get something really tasty - as a treat and to remind myself why I love tea. I have found out that drinking tea with fruit oils/aromas/flavourings upsets my stomach and I've had to give away a lot of very nice tea on that account, so before ordering, I wrote Teadrops to ask about their teas - especially the ones that aren't straight up green/white/black teas - and their tea has no fruit oils, no natural extracts, plus, they answered my mail straight away and were very nice. If you are a celiac and have to write or call companies sometimes to ask about ingredients you'll know this last thing isn't something you can take for granted. My favorite tea is this: Økologisk Blå Power - "organic blue power".

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  1. I think my first raw cupcakes weren't exactly works of art either, but they still tasted good. With some practice, your cuppies will be more than photo-worthy. You could even draw one :-)