Saturday, May 1, 2010

Two more recipes tried and tested: I made another ice cream, and crackers.

I made a Blueberry Cardamom Ice Cream from Sweetly Raw and it is every bit as good as it sounds. BF says it's the best dessert he ever had. I made it pretty much by the book, but I about halved the portion and I used mostly cashews with a bit of brazil nuts in stead of the macadamias. As usual I popped the nuts in the coffee grinder before food process-ing, because my food processor is not on the strong side.

The cracker recipe is the easiest I've tried yet: Raw Sesame and Flax Holiday Crackers from Rawmazing. I didn't even get the food processor out, just mixed them by hand. The only things I tweaked about this recipe were I used buckwheat flour in stead of oat flour, and I only used half the amount because buckwheat tastes kind of dusty compared to the sweetness of oats, I think. I guess I could have used rice for the other half, but I thought it would be nice with really flax-y crackers. I didn't have dehydrated onion flakes, so I used nutritional yeast. Easy Peasy. Only thing is, I think I really need those teflex/non-stick sheets...I'm still using the oven so only got baking paper - but it wasn't total disaster, just a bit messy.

I am on an ice cream roll here, and the timing couldn't be more perfect: Averie just posted a soft-serve recipe and asked everybody to comment and tell their fave ice cream. The comments are an ice cream idea cornucopia! Plus, at the Sweetly Raw blog, where I got the blueberry recipe, Heather is having an ice cream cake contest and she is selling an ultimate raw ice cream recipe book! I never was a fan of ice cream as a grown-up but this is a whole new world opening up babeee...

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