Sunday, May 30, 2010

After resting lazily on the laurels of my self-awarded food prize I bottomed out a bit today. As it happens, every once in a while it just gets to me - food restrictions. Trying two new recipes once is fun while putting allergy friendly food on the table three times a day very quickly feels like making the same boring stuff over and over again. I never wanted to spend a lot of time on food, but it seems there is just no other way to make it roll. I realise I am fortunate: illness could be about so many much worse things than having to spend time in the kitchen, and I am so lucky to be in a place and a position where that is even possible.

I did try some new recipes after all. I made Miss Best's Crackers, posted by Miss Best at Gone Raw. First time I made these I didn't have tomatoes and substituted with a bit of water and they got a bit heavy. Second time around I couldn't be bothered to sprout the buckwheat and I tried some almond pulp and buckwheat flakes in stead. Not the same. NOT the same. Which kind of drives the nails in the coffin of laziness in the kitch: sometimes you gotta spend the time to sprout to have the convenience of the bread. Amen. I'm sprouting the damn buckwheat and making a mental note to get tomatoes.

I have finally ventured into the world of chia puddings as well and I'm not a fan. Considering the two recipes I tried I am actually quite surprised by that: Holiday Chia Pudding by Kristen, and Breakfast Chia Pudding from the Healthy Green Kitchen. Don't they look great? I was positively salivating just digging up the links for those two. I might just have another go.

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