Friday, August 6, 2010


Over the last couple of weeks I've found out that the only thing that allows me to feel okay, and feel like there's some progress in my energy and tummy-wellbeing, is following the specific carbohydrate diet, or SCD. I tried it with some scepticism - I guess it doesn't sound that well founded to me, scientifically, but I was ancious to get results, by voodoo, if necessary. It was a great relief. I tried going back to regular gluten free fodder with really bad and surprisingly swift results. I am not ready to say SCD is going to be how I roll forever, I still have some tests at the hospital during August and September.

SCD plus eating raw and vegan is a really tricky combo it seems. I've googled it, and it looks like it is going to take some practice to limit the amount of animal I'm consuming. Right now I will do whatever feels best and consider it a transition diet, not knowing if it's a transition into SCD, into gluten free, or into no-holds-barred. So I'm back with plenty of eggs, some meat, fish - and honey instead of all the alternative sweeteners I've been using. It's not what I would prefer, but it's what works at the moment so SCD compatible food is what I will be posting about for a while.

Now that the tummy is better I can have a big, raw salad again! Which is a huge relief, as that is definitely my comfort food number one. I have been feeling very sorry for myself, going on the SC Diet and having to cook even MORE - or at least ditching some of my old staples and looking for new ones. But I've realised: cooking healthy food takes time! No matter what the state of my health, I am not going to settle for pre-cooked dinners and fast food snacks. My choices would be less limited, but really, I would still have to spend that dreaded time in the kitchen. So I do what I have always done and will probably continue doing regardless of my hospital results this next month and a half: I try to cook as delicious, as nutritious and as quickly and conveniently as possible, shaking up the routines by trying something new once in a while.


  1. you're the best..thanks for your love and care and support :)

  2. wow, interesting that you've moved to an SCD diet... good luck with it :)