Sunday, August 8, 2010

Breakfast Shortcuts and Almost Carrot Cake

I have been lazy about making nutmilks lately, so I have been enjoying a tip from Healthy Exposures, where Jess put coconut water in her overnight oats. I just pour the coconut water on a grated apple or pear an my homemade müesli, and drizzle some coconut oil - the cold liquid makes the oil thicken into little greasy fragments, mmm. The coconut water is a lot more creamy tasting over müesli than I had thought. Since I burned a whole batch of müesli recently I went lazy about the latest batch and made a no-bake mixture ("shake" rather than bake, if you will...) from equal amounts grated dessicated coconut, chopped almonds and chopped walnuts, with a generous helping of vanilla powder and plenty of mixed, dried "exotic" fruit cut into pieces.

After my holidays I thought the first recipe to grace my kitchen counter would be Carrot Cake Larabars, but after getting no less than six Larabars for an absolute bargain (honestly, I think they were price marked wrongly. The expiry date is fine but they cost about a third of regular price - I just went ahead and stuffed the shopping basket, this was a big supermarket, not a health shop) I thought I'd rather repeat a success I tried shortly before leaving on hols to bring as part of my travel stash: basic biscotti from Z's Cup of Tea. I love biscotti - ever since my favorite girlfriend came over one night of tears and sorrow and consolation for both of us and I realised I had some leftover dessert wine and a big box of biscotti - I swear, as food memories go, that is a GOOD one. Good biscotti are not that expensive so being the slouch that I am in the kitchen I never bothered to make them myself. I turned these into cherry biscotti by substituting dried cherries for currants and I made a batch with the honey to have as dessert, and a batch without the honey to salads. Yes, I swear, almost anything I bake will work in a salad in a pinch.

I have some goodies that I ordered online coming my way soon: a yoghurt maker, and some stuff I found while in Germany that cannot be bought in Denmark. While I was ordering I came across this date tea! I haven't tried it before but since I am having stuff sent all the way from Germany I dangerously. I couldn't wait to try it, though, so I'm already having my own diy version: I pour boiling water over one tablespoon raisins and one chopped, dried date in a big glass. If you don't stir it the first sips will be like hot water, but the bottom half is surprisingly sweet! Or stir it, and you distribute the goodness.

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