Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Banot? Carrona?

Inspired by Jess over at Healthy Exposures who makes carrot cake breakfast-concoctions with banana slices and grated carrot, I have taken my first baby step back into cooking by inventing a carrot banana smoothie - completely compatible with doing level 1 of the specific carbohydrate diet.

Eating SCD legal was somewhat helpful for me but I kept having severe setbacks every time I got bolder and included more foodstuffs and it seems - from my google-fuelled research - that there is no going on the SCD the same way you will go "raw", i. e. that every little bit of the "right" food can help you feel more energized. So I have now done the intro-diet required to do a "real" SCD, something made a lot easier by the fact that chicken broth and boiled, pureed carrots were the only things that agreed with my stomach for a time and the additional fact that I needed to do 24 hours on liquids before a hospital appointment.

At the moment I am only eating foodstuffs allowed for the stage 1 of the diet - although I admit to being willfully stupid and having a bit of wine the other day (it doesn't say anywhere that you shouldn't! Okay, maybe I could have guessed...) and I was duly punished by my intestines. It is comforting as long as this is the way it goes: that sticking with the diet and very slowly introducing more foods gets good results while eating things that are harsh on the stomach gives me setbacks. It's when there is no connection between the two that I worry: that's when I start feeling like some dog in a sick Pavlovian scheme.

Onwards to my concoction! SCD-food doesn't agree with my tastes much, I never liked fried eggs or boiled veggies, but it's quite difficult to put your own spin on things when the options are so limited. Making this sweet smoothie felt like a real success:

Carrot Banana Smoothie (SCD stage 1, a-ok!)
Ice cubes
1 very ripe, preferably spotty, banana
Sliced carrot "rings" boiled for two hours and cooled, use an amount about equal to the banana
1/2 tsp vanilla powder
A half a glass of water, depending on how runny you want it


Regarding the carrot rings: I boil a big batch, as many as I have the patience to peel and slice, then purée some and keep the rest in the fridge. They can be used for this smoothie, or for frying with eggs and/or spinach - the sweetness of the carrots take away some of that "fried" taste of the eggs that I'm not so crazy about.


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  2. The above comment was removed - I think the commenter's efforts are probabaly all in good spirit, but I generally don't care for people using private blogs as free ad space.

  3. Hi Anne! Thanks so much for your wonderful comments on my blog. They means lots to me.

    Avos really don't sit well with me and I try to add as much oil to my cooking and salads as possible. Interesting what you say about nut butters... will give that a try. Roasting root veggies work really well for me and eggs I find quite easy on the system (from what I remember at least!). I'm not ready to try chicken (was never a fan of it) bur fish I'm almost there. I need to gain weight so it's desperate times in all respects! We'll figure it out one day :)