Thursday, June 10, 2010

More Raw

I bought my second raw food cookbook. It's Raw Food Real World, and I'm loving it. I have it decked out with little post-its at all the recipes I want to make. First. Then later I have no doubt I'll make all.

I did the "buckwheat crunchies" and these are an absolute winner with me. Anything new to do with buckwheat and I'm keen. Not so much sharing to be done there though, you'll have to get the book. Something else raw I discovered though, not from that book and I feel like I can share just because it's not really a recipe: cashew nut salad dressing. This is my new go-to dinner when there's nothing filling to pop in the salad besides the obvious olive oil: a small handful of cashews tossed in the coffee grinder, seasoned with spices to taste, a tablespoon apple cider vinegar and mixed with water until desired consistency. My favorite combination of spices right now is plenty of turmeric, slightly less ground cumin and a bit of nutmeg. Turmeric is so good, and healthy to boot - just look at all the good reasons to eat turmeric here.

Having already assigned the oven to hours on end at a low heat for the crunchies I thought I'd make some granola while I was at it and made Raw Maple Flax Granola from sweet beet and green bean. This recipe is exceedingly simple and as it turns out - really delicious. I ended up mixing the two for breakfast - I'll add berries for more fruity sweetness when I want. I used buckwheat flakes in stead of oats, and yelllow flax because I think they have a milder taste than the brown ones. Oh, and I completely ruined the concept by using a drizzle of agave rather than maple syrup - is it another case of me living in Denmark or is that stuff mind-numbingly expensive everywhere?


  1. omg RFRW is the BEST book. however, it's a little "fussy" in that many things need dehydrating and sometimes (most of the time!) i dont plan for that so i dont make tons of stuff from it. Rather i use that book like a work of art, read from it, then try to improvise on my own making stuff that way...oh i am thrilled you made the buckwheat crispies..yum. Have heard excellent things about those.

    If you have any tried and true crackers or bread recipes in your dehyd that you really enjoy, LMK. I am on a mission to succeed at that! I prefer sweet to savory but can tweak spices. Just need a "base" of dry goods/rations and can tweak the rest. You seem like Miss Dehydrator so i thought i would ask :)

    Email me or leave me a comment w/ any links you have! Thanks my friend!

  2. Sure, I've sent a mail Averie :-)

  3. the book sounds awesome - i can only imagine "buckwheat crunchies"! i'll have to search for the book on amazon :)
    and the cashew dressing sounds great, too! i love how many things cashews can become.

  4. You will like that book, but I really love Matthew's Everyday Raw as for the same reason that Averie mentioned, it can be a bit fussy and sometimes, some of us, well, just don't have time to be a gourmet chef in the kitchen!

    I'm glad you popped by my blog! I got to see yours!