Friday, June 25, 2010

Soft is Served.

Mmm. MMMmmmm!
I am right now eating my first ever softserve. It is a post-yoga snack-turned-quite-a-meal, and it is bang-smack-wow delish. I made a double batch and if it wasn't so filling I'd be pulling the next half from the freezer right away: I dumped 1 pack of silken tofu, three tbsp rice protein, 1 small tbsp maca powder and about 2,5 bananas frozen in chunks into the blender and gave it the "ice crushing" programme - essentially top speed in short intervals - which left plenty of big, gooey banana chunks. I have never been one of the many fans of softice or melted ice cream, but the texture is definitely the only thing keeping me from becoming big time addicted to this.

1 comment:

  1. glad you're enjoying your virgin softserve experience :)

    i have never made it w/ tofu but w/ the bananas and the tofu and the, yes, filling!

    good luck with the gym and making trying to get that going again!