Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Jam and Parmesan

While running today I did something as devoid of dignity as trip in my own shoelaces. Nothing happened though, except I donated some skin off my hands and elbow. If asked beforehand I would have argued that I was in fact using that skin at the time and warn't in any mood to shed it, but I'm sure the pavement would beg to differ.

I'm still extremely happy with the pumpkin seed mylk I made recently, it is now definitely officially a keeper. There's less pulp from this than from my almond milk, so less storage space taken up in the freezer by boxes and bags of almond pulp - with a small freezer it turns into a game of "tetris" quite quickly: just when you think you've figured it out and built a winning structure in there, another block pops down from the sky that just doesn't fit the plan at all.

Pumpkin seed pulp looks like cement, but works both in granola and crackers. Wait - I made mylk, granola and crackers all in two days? I got a new cookbook, Raw Food Real World, and I'm lovin' it up. In fact I made a raw jam too, from dried apricots and defrosted strawberries, and though I didn't grow up with the pb&j tradition, breakfast - whether it be a bowl of granola or a muffin - takes on a whole new dimension with a dollop of jam and a plop of almond butter. I'll say.

Ive made a non-dairy parmesan as well - actually, no need to call it parmesan, it should be something like "nut-flakes" - that's been spicing up my salads. There are two very similar recipes to what I've been making right here. The blog looks extinct but in all fairness I'd rather post a link to something that's already out than copy what's in the cook books. I didn't have rejuvelac for the "parmesan" but that isn't used in the cook book either, the citrus version works fine. I can only begin to imagine all the possible jam-ingredient combinations...but I'll add that when made with dried apricots, agave wasn't necessary. And vanilla will stand in for cinnamon there any time.

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  1. I made some crackers! they turned out great!

    mylk, granola and crackers = OMG youll have to tell me which ones b/c i have that boook too! I hate dehyd'ing things, that's my biggest reason i dont make more from that book.

    holy crap that parms cheese link you posted looks SO GOOD!

    girl i really need to just get over my dehyd issues. it's just so LOUD! and of course, you dont even have one and do it all in the oven, right.

    and i think its great you linked a blog not plagerized a cookbook. I wish more people would just LINK back as you did :)